The Prophetic Revelations Of Dr Richard Day

In 1969, Richard Day, a professor of paediatrics at the University of Pittsburgh, made a speech that broke the records. Two decades later, Lawrence Dunagen describes the Orwellian prophecy he was told, and much has come true.

A small handful of companies control 90% of the media

Since the 1980’s media ownership has dramatically decreased from being owned by around 50 corporations to now just 5. You may think you have many options to choose from, you don’t. You have the illusion of choice.

Six Dr Seuss Books Recalled For Not Being Politically Correct

Six Dr Seuss Books Recalled For Unpolitically Correct Images (Photo by Al Ravenna/Library of Congress) Suppose you think that political correctness has had its time, wrong. Once again, the woke brigade has come for more culture, this time targeting famous children’s writer Dr Suess.  Suess Enterprises, the company that claims it is ‘committed to care […]