7th August | Sebastian Smith

Black Lives Matter: Divide And Rule

You are your skin colour, you are your sexuality. The tenets of political correctness have created the greatest mass hijack of human perception in recent history. We will not be fooled.

Photo by Life Matters from Pexels

In the past decade, the word liberalism, once a respectful and triumphant word, has become one of the greatest misnomers in the English dictionary. So much so, that true liberals often masquerade by the name ‘conservatives’, and the new liberals – modern liberals, have taken the idea of equality, flipped it on its head, stretched it, put it in the oven and totally inverted reality. 

After the death of George Floyd last year, whose autopsy revealed his primary cause of death was actually from a lethal fentanyl overdose, the trumpeters of woke social justice were put en masse to the spotlights. Groups like Black Lives Matter and the even more ludicrous Antifa (‘Anti-Fascists’) took to the streets to fight (quite literally), for ‘justice’. As generally seen with the scope of political correctness, ideas of ‘systemic racism’ flourished throughout the campaign, and the false labels of identity ravaged the media.

Typically, people don’t shout things in the street that are obvious. It would be an unusual sight to see people protesting “the grass is green!”,”the sky is blue!” Obviously, most people do not disagree with the stand-alone phrase ‘black lives matter’, and in that context is not controversial. But the argument here is not the phrase, but the implication of the phrase – that there is a systemic tyranny that begs to differ. In discord to black lives matter, many conservatives boasted the fairest of claims possible – “all lives matter”, which was often met with the blanket accusations of white supremacy. When all lives matter becomes racist, it’s worth questioning who is really benefiting from the campaign. 

It is true that people of black ethnicities do lack behind in the west. In regards to arrests and income, these are often attributed to ‘racism’ – an easy assumption when you are taught to view the world through the lens of racism, but let’s not trip over ourselves. Here is one claim made on the Black Lives Matter official website: ‘We know that police departments have been a safe haven for white supremacists to hide malintent behind a badge, because the badge was created for that purpose.’

In understanding ‘systemic racism’, we need to acknowledge that the question here is not what percentage of the population is arrested, the question is, are the police specifically targeting arrests by race and ethnicity? One main message conveyed by the BLM campaign was the belief that because more ‘black people’ are arrested in the US, it should be credited to ideas of racism and ‘white supremacy’. However, as with the coronavirus pandemic, numbers without context can often be valueless.  In the scenario that the police arrests are disproportionate in race, that is not necessarily the fault of the police, they are carrying out their job.

In January 2021, the US department of justice released a statistical report that investigated whether ethnic people were being disproportionately arrested with their involvement with crime. To avoid bias, instead of relying on the police reports of who commit crimes, they relied on victims own accounts documented in the national crime victimisation survey (NCVS). The NCVS consists of 250,000 interviews with US citizens regarding whether they had been victims of violent and non-violent crimes in the past six months.

The bureau’s report concluded that there was no substantial difference in ethnicity by how likely an ethnic group was to commit a crime, and how likely they were to be arrested. The report noted that people from black ethnicities accounted for 35% of reported offenders, and 33% of arrestees. People of white ethnicity accounted for 48% of offenders and 46% of arrestees, and Asians accounted for 2% of offenders and 1% of those arrestees. Not only does the data disprove racial prejudice, but shows that black lives were arrested slightly less than reported to have committed crimes. The only group which did show a significant difference was Hispanics, who accounted for 13% of reported offenders and 18% of arrestees.

When the same amount of ‘black people’ being arrested matches accordingly with victim accounts of those reported to have committed the crime, the data-driven evidence for ‘white supremacists hiding malintent behind a badge’ disappears into the ether. Perhaps then, the problem is not racial prejudice, but rather cultural issues.

One fallacy so easily presumed by the Black Lives Matter brigade is the correlation between black murder rates and racism. In the United States, black ethnicities make up just 13% of the population. Despite that fact, in 2019 alone over half (7,484) of US homicide victims were also black. This compares to the 5,787 which were white. Sure, through the harrowing lens of victimhood, the unfortunate murder of black people can look systemically racist, but with the context that isn’t true. According to the department of justice, black ethnicities also accounted for over 50% of murder arrests in the United States.

 The office of justice programs stated: ‘Today homicide is the leading cause of death among young Black men, and contributes significantly to the shortened life-span of the Black male.’ [However] ‘In about 80-90% of the cases, the Black victim was killed by another Black.’ 

Similar statistics are repeated in the UK, where 21% of murder arrests come from black ethnicities, despite them making up just 3% of the UK population.

According to studies, there is also a significant correlation between children born into single parenthood homes, and the increase in crime. The Office of Justice Programs wrote:

Fathers typically offer economic stability, a role model for boys, greater household security, and reduced stress for mothers. Children from single-parent families are more prone than children from two-parent families to use drugs, be gang members, be expelled from school, be committed to reform institutions, and become juvenile murderers.

In statistics published by the CDC, currently, 73% of black children today are born into non-marital homes. Furthermore, data from the consensus bureau found that 64% of black children are born into single-parent households. The same pattern is seen in figures published by the British government, where 24% or nearly 1 in 4 black households are held by a single parent relationship. Compared to the 1 in 10 white households which hold a single parent structure, this is a significant difference.

If you think financial inequality is down to nothing but racial prejudice and “white supremacy”, it’s worth seeing the once again consistent absence of black ethnicities studying in academic courses like science, technology, engineering and maths. It needs no explaining that people who train to work as doctors, scientists and writers tend to make a greater salary than those selling drugs in the street. In data collected by America’s National Nations Report Card, it was revealed that black ethnicities score on average a 2.47 GPA (grade per average) compared to white ethnicities who score on average 3.09. The average GPA in America is around 3, putting black ethnicities far below the average, and whites generally above. 

Ethnically black students don’t just (on average) try less hard in school, but they are also less likely to pick STEM subjects in the first place. In a 2019 study by Educational Researcher, it found that 40% of Black undergraduate students switched out of STEM majors, compared with the 29% of White students. Similar data is also shown by the National Centre for Education Statistics, whereby black ethnicities are generally less likely to pick higher education.

A naive look in the direction of black lives matter is an easy means to hold sympathy for what it claims to do. “Stop racism, who wouldn’t want to do that?” It seems however, not many supporters take it upon themselves to evaluate whether the campaign actually holds any truth, whether or not it even creates equality. If the aim is to demarginalize black minorities with the greater population, how the hell does telling black people that there is a faceless systemic tyranny out to get them going to help?

It was 200 years ago that minorities were given a cap of what they can and can’t do. Restrictions were placed on income, on property ownership, on where they could attend – these were at one point all real. Americas Jim Crow laws held a genuine cap upon which black minorities could live. But now that cap is gone and race-based legislation has disappeared. How then, is continuously focusing on ‘systemic racism’ going to fix the issue, when the issue has everything to do with culture, and nothing to do with law? 

You can focus on ‘systemic racism’, but that won’t put a stop to black fathers leaving their children, it won’t put an end to young black men impregnating other young black women. It also won’t put a stop to black minorities quitting education, it won’t put a stop to young black men stabbing other young black men in the streets. In fact, all it does it divert the root of the problem, which is overwhelmingly controlled by black minorities themselves, and blame it on a non-existent racist system. 

I have often wondered how reinforcing the terms ‘white people’ and ‘black people’ can in any way bring equality in society. The same goes for ‘black culture’ and the many other cultures cropping out by the woke brigade. There is nothing more dehumanising than giving people a set of labels, and teaching them that those are their identities. Your experiences should not define you, your skin colour is nothing more than an experience you are having. What does define you is your personality, but that is not the attitude of the woke mentality. If you have dark skin, if you are gay, if you are born a woman (all of which are just experiences), the woke mentality would rather teach you to claim those as your identity.

In assigning so much cultural weight to simple experiences like skin colour, sexuality or gender, political correctness then drags each experience into collective groups that play off against each other. Black against white, gay against Christian, transgender against feminist and the list goes on. Despite so much division within false identities, the BLM movement came to prominence to fight racial ‘inequality’. Nevermore has the term ‘racist’ been more abused than today. The more you teach people that they are victims, the more they begin to view all issues through the lens of victimhood. 

On August 12 this year (2021), the US Census Bureau released data for the 2020 census population, based upon age, sex, race and ethnicity. The data showed not only current demographic data, but hinted at potential trends for the future of America. In regards to race, the data showed that between 2010 and 2020, the white race population fell from 63.7% to 57.8% , the lowest in history with falling birth rates from white women. 

Naturally, there is no harm in a more diverse country, but it would be ignorant to see the militant push for diversity without looking at the motivation behind it. Speaking publicly, Democrat Congresswoman Elenor Holmes Norton responded to the racial decline with: ”look at where the population is and that’s how we win, or have to try to win in the census numbers, because the population growth has been in the cities and in the suburbs among minorities, and that’s what gives us some leverage”. Washington Post columnist responded to the decline with:

If you’re disgustingly dishonest, and you wanted to “win” in the election results, it would certainly help you to change the demographic of a country. Even better you could convince the demographic that they are being suppressed by the opposing party, that in crisis drastic measures must be taken to help them. No, I am not talking about the Communist Party, but it is clear that what is currently taking place does no less than allow you to propose measures that people would not usually accept. Just as with the ‘pandemic’ people were willing to accept greater surveillance measures and drastic lockdowns. Winston Churchill once said “never let a good crisis go to waste”, but what if you could create one? Better yet, two ‘crises’ playing out at the same time.

Despite ludicrously claiming to be an asset for democracy, the Black Lives matter website lists seven radically undemocratic ‘demands’. The first demand goes: ‘Convict and ban trump from future political office‘ The second, ‘expel’ republican members who ‘stoked trumps conspiracy theories‘. The third demands that the US investigate ties ‘between white supremacy and the capitol police‘. The fourth: ‘permanently ban Trump from all digital media platforms.’ 

The curtain has fallen and the agenda is clear. If you can dehumanise people so much, reduce them to nothing but a list of identities, skin colour, sexuality, gender, tell them that the majority group is out to get them, they will then be willing to accept changes that go against every ethical law and every amendment. How else could the soviet regime have condemned millions of Kulaks to exile or death without the indoctrination of the working class?  

After the storming of the capitol in January, Mark Zuckerberg wrote:  

‘The shocking events of the last 24 hours clearly demonstrate that President Donald Trump intends to use his remaining time in office to undermine the peaceful and lawful transition of power to his elected successor, Joe Biden … We believe the risks of allowing the President to continue to use our service during this period are simply too great.’

Not necessarily out of malevolence, “remove the conservatives!”, any naive person might have said. A mind with no capacity for independent thought could quite well think it is the right thing to do. Nobody here is in discord that the events of the Capitol were horrific, they served as a sad event, but in comparison to black lives matter, were incomparable. The capitol riots, which are not here to be forgiven, lasted a mere three hours, lead to the death of one rioter, and later an injured policeman, and one building was damaged. The Black Lives Matter riots, on the contrary, lasted seven months, killed at least 25 people, and led to the destruction of hundreds of small businesses and many federal buildings. 

The most crucial difference between the two events, however, was that the Capitol riots were condemned by people all over the political spectrum, including Republicans. The actions of BLM on the contrary were overwhelmingly condemned by conservative types. It should take a hell of a nerve to say those who associated with the capitol riots should be censored, and yet those who support the mass protests of black lives matter are ‘social justice worriers’ and should be placed in the spotlights.

Take a step back. When the same political group, (this includes liberal media and big tech) workes tirelessly to exploit ‘systemic racism’ which we are yet to see evidence for, and uses means of censorship, shaming and coercion as the way to ‘protect people’, you can be sure that their aims are not in your best interest. Like all tyrannies through history, if you can convince enough people that destroying their democracy is the only way to ‘save them’, at that point they will be willing to accept the unimaginable. 

We have been ruthlessly divided, restricted to labels on a sheet of paper. The very fact that you are putting the word ‘black’ in front of ‘people’ is what the problem is. We are one race, and yet the woke establishment doesn’t want us to believe that. 

“When we say the state, the state is we, it is we, it is the proletariat, it is the advanced guard of the working class” – Vladamir Lenin

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Thomas Martin
Thomas Martin
2 years ago

This is a tremendous article. The abundance of facts and statistics would cause the mind of a woke-ified loony to implode!

2 years ago
Reply to  Thomas Martin

I agree! This is an interesting article that encompasses the blatant fact that BLM is nothing more than an asset for the destruction of free speech and democracy.

Last edited 2 years ago by Amy
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Marcellus Wiegand
5 months ago

You have a natural talent for writing.

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