1st September • Sebastian Smith

South Australia Is Now Looking Communist.

As southern Australia continues to enforce mass lockdowns, unnecessary arrests and mass paper searches over a trace of deaths, Xi Jinping’s vision of a Communist west remains intact. 

South Australia Now Looks Communist
Photo by Paul Kagame, Flickr

Typically, throughout history dictators have learnt the all-important lesson that if you want to take control over a population, you cannot have a population living in peace, love and unity. Specifically, for a population to submit to, and accept mass authoritarianism, they have to believe that the dictators are there to protect them. Only in a state of fear, is this possible. It seems, if you can covertly terrify a population to a degree of terror and isolation, they will then be looking for someone with the power to protect them. Only at that point, do people scream “government do something”, and a wilful grin appears on the smiles of patient politicians.

If the ‘pandemic’ has demonstrated anything, it’s that in times of fear, people will and have been willing to accept anything including the radical. Authoritarians often ask, how many lives must be lost before you revoke freedom? The answer should be, some. Humans don’t typically evaluate to such the degree the risk of something. If all our decisions were based on worst-case scenarios, we wouldn’t get out of bed, we wouldn’t eat, we wouldn’t walk down the street. That’s because worst-case scenarios always conclude to ‘death and destruction’. Unfortunately, Australian states are yet to abandon the worst-case lifestyle.

As I write, the state of Victoria is entering its sixth lockdown, after the state’s premier Daniel Andrews announced that Covid cases are once again on the ‘rise’. Aside from mass house arrest, the dystopia that has become Australia now includes a 5pm curfew for all citizens, a 5km radius for exercise, having to carry a permit and a photo ID to show you are authorised to work, as well as the closing of schools, playgrounds and all ‘non-essential’ businesses.

To further demonstrate just how controlling Australian authorities can get, two weeks ago, Victoria’s premier announced that “there will be no removal of masks to consume alcohol outdoors, so you will no longer be able to remove your mask, to drink a cocktail, at a pop-up beer garden on a footpath”. In a free country, these things would sound absurd, but Australia isn’t free, and the government of Victoria isn’t tolerating anybody who begs to differ.

Southern states aren’t fooling around either, in August the state of Victoria announced that police will be able to issue vicious on-the-spot fines. The fines can go up to $1,817 for adults, and up to $10,904 for businesses who refuse or fail to follow the states ‘public-health’ directions. The government further threatened that anybody found breaching gathering directions in or outside the home, or isolation orders can face up to a $5,452 fine. Even simply failing to wear a mask, like we have for thousands of years, when required could face you with up to $200. But the state didn’t stop there, they threatened that fines could be given of up to $21,808 for adults and $109,044 for corporations through the court system.

The state of New South Wales, Australia’s most populated state, isn’t loosening up either. Under the guide of premier Gladys Berejiklian, New South Wales has implemented similar mandates, additionally including the requirement for all businesses to include a QR code on the outside.

On October 22nd, a lockdown defying pastor bravely opened his Sydney church during heavy lockdown measures. He said during the demonstration “we declare the lockdowns are over, in the name of Jesus, lockdowns are over, in the cities of NSW, in the name of Jesus, we declare the lockdowns are over”. Gladys Berejiklian begged to differ. Later that night, the police stormed the meeting and handed out $35,000 in fines among some 60 people, as well as a $5000 fine to the church for failing to include a QR code. One of Australia’s largest networks, 9News said that the gathering had been described as ‘selfish and arrogant’. 

Unfortunately, going to church isn’t the only thing that is ‘selfish and arrogant’ in Afghanistan – sorry, Australia. When a council in New South Wales learnt that a series of dogs were on their way for collection by its new owners, the council decided to take action. All fifteen dogs, including 10 puppies were shot dead. The council responded with ‘the council decided to take this course of action to protect its employees and community, including vulnerable Aboriginal populations, from the risk of Covid-19 transmission’. 

Australia’s dystopia didn’t end there, either. In a recent publication, it was announced that the state of Victoria were building a quarantine detainment camp, more formerly called ‘Melbourne’s Centre for National Resilience’. After being asked why the community had not been asked, Premier Daniel Andrews said, “we want the community to know what’s going on there, we want the community to be part of that program and that process” he continued “But we’ve got to get this built, there’s much greater risk to people across Victoria, Mickleham included, by having thousands of people in hotels that are not built to quarantine them… That’s the site that’s been chosen and everyone, including locals, will be better off because of that.”

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The quarantine facility, which has already received $15 million from the Australian government, will be built to hold 1000 beds, although according to the state, will open once 500 beds are already in place, and can go up to 3000 beds in the future.

‘This project is currently in the planning stage with construction anticipated to begin in September 2021. We anticipate that the first stage of the hub (which will provide 500 beds) will be operational in early 2022.’  

For so long, the narrative internationally has been to ‘eliminate covid’, or ‘slow the spread’, but when you set early 2022 as the goal post for the beginning of a detainment facility, it is clear that authorities have no plans to ease restrictions. That’s no coincidence either. Despite premier Daniel Andrews being confident that most people will be vaccinated by 2022, his confidence appears to be more surrounded by a wild $15 million towards the operation – a contradictory move unless you have reservations on ‘freedom’ day.

Intoxicated on power, despite the severe pressures already in place from the government, Australia’s southern states didn’t stop there. In July, footage emerged when the Sydney police department felt it was appropriate to use police helicopters to monitor civilian behaviour. As citizens casually exercised on the beach, this was too much of a ‘public health’ threat for the police. Action was taken and a helicopter was flown over civilians telling them to go home or fines will be given out.

Lockdowns didn’t just rely on arbitrary acquiescence, the police were also dispatched to knock door to door and check that people were complying. When Mick Fuller, the commissioner of New South Wales police force was enquired “are you going to be going suburb to suburb, street to street, door to door knocking on these and actively looking for people who are in the wrong house and fining them on the spot?” The commissioner responded with:

“Absolutely, over night we conducted hundreds of checks, particularly of those who are close contacts or who have the virus, thankfully everyone was home as they were supposed to be on health advice, we will continue to do that, we know home to home transmission is a huge issue for us, we know that people are bringing it home from worksites that aren’t complying with health orders, so if you think about the powers that I’ve asked for, it will take it to those businesses which are breaching the health orders and will take back to the homes which are continuing to breach the health orders which are putting us into extended lockdown.”

Imagine you wanted to take control over a country. Rule one, you certainly can’t have people working in unity, so to divide them, you dehumanise society to the best of your effort. You could lock people down in their houses, you could tell them to hide their mouths and expressions with a mask. Better yet, you could tell them to stand 2 metres apart from each other and only leave the house for ‘essential’ work. This way, the population would be living in confinement and constant fear. If anybody sees through your campaign, or your data isn’t strong enough, you could have silicon valley technocrats censor anybody who begs to differ. Even after this, you may still have an opposition, these you will publicly shame as ‘conspiracy theorists’ and ‘anti-vaxxers’. 

That might sound like communism, but to western nations and the aristocracy of Australia, these techniques arent so unfamilair anymore. Despite all the coercion and censorship, that didn’t stop thousands of Australians from heading to ‘anti-lockdown’ protests throughout 2020 and 2021. 

At a press conference one day before a protest in Sydndey protest, police deputy commissioner Mal Lanyon warned: “Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, our message on public health orders has been very simple, stay at home unless absolutely necessary, tommorrow we will have over 1400 police involved in an operation to prevent those persons who wish to conduct an unlawful protest from doing so”. He continued “this is not about stopping free speech, this is about stopping the spread of the virus”. The protests were quickly met by the police with pepper spray, batons, horses, rubber bullets and hundreds of arrests. Because the protests were done during ‘public health measures’, the local police department named them “a threat to public health” and had a coldly calculated excuse to detain such events. 

History has shown us perfectly well that when authorities give the right excuse, ordinary people are willing to people to put all their moral values aside. The very fact that ‘public health’ is enough to shut down a protest, is the very corruption the protesters were protesting about. Media will very often focus on police brutality if committed on a black person, because it suits a censorship agenda, but when police do it in the name of authoritarianism and enforcing lockdowns, silence.

In a country with quarantine facilities, people being arrested for leaving their home, credential checks to go to work and police militantly beating protesters in the streets, you would expect Daniel Andrews to be right when he says “there’s a much greater risk to people across Victoria”. The government made it a strong point to keep people scared during the ‘pandemic’, enforcing harsher than ever measures. 

The data, however, is on the contrary. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), throughout the entire ‘pandemic’, Australia has faced a total of… 1,014 ‘covid’ deaths. To put that into perspective, data from the bureau also show that in 2019, a total of 3,018 people died by suicide in Australia. Where was the attention for these? Furthermore, 3,298 people were recorded to have died from accidental falls, 4,124 people died from influenza, 8,372 people died from lower respiratory diseases, 8,821 people died from a neoplasm of the trachea, 9,891 people died from cerebrovascular diseases, 15,016 people died from Alzheimer’s and highest of all, 18,244 unfortunate deaths were recorded to have died from heart disease. 

Now compare that to 1,014 ‘Covid-19’ deaths. Despite over three times as many people killing themselves, and 8,000 people dying from respiratory diseases before the pandemic, which receive no action or attention, just 1,014 deaths from covid-19 were enough for nationwide lockdowns and mass house arrest. In fact, in 2019 (the last time deaths were published), Australia faced 168,960 deaths in total. 

In November 2020, the Australian Bureau published the top 20 causes of deaths for 2019, when compared to the death toll from Covid-19, the Sars-Cov-2 virus would not even make it into the top 20 causes of death, as the lowest in the 20 was from liver diseases, which counted for 2,111 deaths, nearly double the death toll from Covid-19. 

Many, like the Premiers Daniel Andrew and Gladys Berijklyn may argue that state lockdowns are necessary to ‘stop the spread’, for a ‘deadly virus’ except government data doesn’t seem to hold that in truth either. As of currently, the case fatality ratio (CFR) from ‘Covid-19’ in Australia currently stands at… 0.1% for males, and an astounding 0.04% for females. That’s 0.1 and 0.04 for people between the age of 0-59. Only at the age of 60 upwards does the mortality rate begin to resemble above the 1%.

Throughout lockdowns, the media have often been reluctant to show real data regarding ‘coronavirus’ deaths. Deaths, for example, are almost overwhelmingly from the elderly in Australia. According to government publishments in Australia, not one person has died throughout the entire pandemic aged 0-9, and deaths aged 0-19 are at a grand total of 1 person. Furthermore, all deaths under the age of 29 total at… 3 persons, deaths under the age of 39 are at 9, deaths under the age of 49 are at 15, and even deaths under the age of 59 total at just 35. Moreover, all ‘Covid’ deaths under the age of 69 are at 86, and all deaths under the age of 79 total to 264. That is 264 deaths for all people under the age of 80 in Australia. 

To show perspective, Australia has a population of 25 million, and just 264 of all under the ’80s have died of ‘Covid-19’. The remaining 750 of the 1014 deaths from ‘covid-19’ all came from people over the age of 80, with 332 of those coming from people over the age of 90. It makes sense then that the Australian Department of Health named 86 as the median age of death from ‘Covid-19’. Not only is 86 substantially higher than the median age of 34 at which people test positive, but is 3 years more than the life expectancy in Australia at 82.8.

In an announcement today, the 1’st of September 2021, Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews stated: “We cant ease restrictions today in any profound way, not anyone was expecting that, but its not possible, and in fact, we are in for a difficult time, a challenging time over these coming weeks, this is very very tough”.

How difficult are times in Victoria? According to government data, throughout the year 2021, there has been a terrifying total of… 2 deaths. If this article had been published one day earlier, it would be zero.

Similarly, after announcing that lockdowns will be extended in New South Wales, premier Gladys Berejikyln said: “I appreciate the message I’m delivering today is quite shocking for a lot of people, but I need everybody to be shocked”. In the state of New South Wales, which has a population of just 8.1 million, people may not have been so shocked when there had been just 181 deaths were recorded throughout the entire year and a half of the ‘pandemic’.

In a survey conveyed by YouGov for NewsCorp Australia, results showed that the majority of Australians were less concerned about Covid than their economic situation. Among eight different worries listed in the survey, the number one concern ticked in New South Wales was businesses closing and people losing their job, followed second by the impact on mental health, only then followed by lots more covid-19 cases and deaths in the community. Despite this, only 14% of people surveyed in NSW and Victoria said lockdowns should end now, compared to 50% who wanted to wait for 80% of the population to be vaccinated.

After the events of the twentieth century, the west in part has gained a stable attitude towards freedom and liberty. It’s an easy assumption to think tyranny may never return, particularly if you have no idea why people gave so much power to authority. Unfortunately, the answer throughout history has always been the same, over and over again – dictators arise when enough people believe that giving away their power is the only way to protect them. 

Only that way can free speech be overridden, only then can people be forced into isolation, only that way can people be fined thousands for breathing without a mask. Its quite a trick then, that a ‘virus’ slipped its way into the world. To protect the nation, the media frightened everyone into their houses. To protect the nation, technocrats revoked even more free speech to protect people from ‘misinformation’. To protect the nation, all opposition were named ‘a threat to public health’. 

The west may eventually get some freedom back, but I fear by that time, freedom will mean nothing more than the ability to breathe. Perhaps liberty will rise when enough people realise that Protect has become nothing more than a political synonym for control.

  – ‘Those who are willing to give up a little liberty for a little security will deserve neither and lose both’ –  Benjamin Franklin

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