The Untold Story: Was Russia Really Unprovoked?

Over the past week, I’ve been scouring Telegram – one of the few social media apps unbanned in Russia – going undercover as a “Russian resistance reporter” to see what the Russian people really think. Here’s what I found – its not what you think.

How To Lie With Statistics: Your Devious Guide

How to lie with statistics

Whatever the statistic finds itself on the desk of the the pharmaceutical researcher, the salesman, or the journalist, it may be hard to find who the guilty party. The corporate media may already know these tricks, but the average person must learn them in self-defence.

Black Lives Matter: Divide The Populous And Rule

When a political group workes tirelessly to exploit non-existent ‘systemic racism’, and uses means of censorship, shame and coercion as the way to ‘protect people’, you can be sure that their aims are not in your best interest.

Counting Covid Deaths – A Silent Complexity

With respect to understanding this virus, the mortality rates peddled by the media often lack context and can misrepresent the situation. Only when you segment deaths by age and condition do things start to make sense.

The Prophetic Revelations Of Dr Richard Day

In 1969, Richard Day, a professor of paediatrics at the University of Pittsburgh, made a speech that broke the records. Two decades later, Lawrence Dunagen describes the Orwellian prophecy he was told, and much has come true.