The Alternative Column

About the Alternative Column

Perhaps if we’ve learnt something in the past couple of years, its that the seemingly ‘innocent’ mainstream media outlets are becoming more biased and more manipulative. Around the world, media companies are merging like mad leaving the perceptions of billions, in the hands of a thew. In America, around 90% of the media is now estimated to be owned by just 5 companies. In the UK just 3 companies hold 70% of printed media, and a similar horror is coming for the screens. Media concentration means conflicts of interest. Media concentration means bias. Media concentration is a problem. Period.

If we are planning for Orwell’s 1984 to remain fiction, then we need wake up, and wake up fast.

The Alternative Column is alive to try and bring balance to what we are being told, so we can make wiser decisions and not be misinformed. With few conflicts of interest, the creators of this website have one priority: bringing real journalism, when journalism needs it most. 

That does not mean: ”dont publish this, it might go against company guidelines, you might get in trouble, it could spread ‘misinformation”. News is news, regardless of whether it conforms with one party or another. And that’s how the Alternative Column got its name. We are not the Political-Correctness Column nor the Mainstream Column.

Our aim is to bring alternative ideas to the table, ideas that can spark change in this brave new world.